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What after GATE exam?

After the GATE exam results are out, the IIT’s and IISc invite students for a written test and/or an interview.
For most IIT’s and IISc, the process after GATE exam for the final selection is as follows:

Written test:

» Written test includes multiple choice questions and has around 10% weight for admission.
» There can be very few analytical questions, so prepare accordingly.
» Prepare with short note material which you used for GATE.
» Have a good insight into difficult subjects.


»Interview generally accounts for 20% weight for admission.
» Subject knowledge is important.
»Generally it starts off by making the candidate comfortable and then getting on to the technical questions. »Be good in mathematics as it is something which is common across most subjects and
» IIT professors love grilling candidates on Maths.
One of the objectives of the interview is to test your problem solving skills.

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