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GATE Preparation Tips

1. Material Collection

» Syllabus
» All the relevant books based on the subject(Divide the books in two groups

              (1) Fundamental and basic concepts
              (2) Problem oriented
» Some books helpful for pre-requisite knowledge on the subject
» Some good guide books for GATE
» Previous questions papers

2. Keep contact with some expert and GATE experienced persons
3. Study - Syllabus and Previous questions papers
4. Start from the first chapter
read at least 5 books, it will widen your knowledge(if necessary consult with the books for pre-requisite knowledge or with some expert)
» Note down the probable concepts (definitions, unit, dimension etc.)
» Note down necessary theories, formulae etc.
» Solve problems as maximum as possible(from text books, Guide books etc)
» Think about various tricks in solving problems(if necessary, note it)
» Go for series of self-tests based on this chapter(take other's help to conduct tests)
» Continue the self-tests until getting a very good score.

5. Solve more and more problems, discover more and more new tricks.
6. Follow the same procedure for the rest chapters.
7. Finally, go for self-tests based on whole syllabus (take other's help to conduct these tests)

Preparation Strategy:

» Starting 8 – 12 months before GATE exam: Do more of theory in the first few months and just a few practice questions. Make your notes as you learn and your concepts should really be strong. In months 3 and 4 focus on answering GATE type questions. Mark your areas of weaknesses and strengths. In months 5 and 6 work on your weaknesses. Finally in months 7 onwards, start answering more GATE like papers and hone your skills.

» Starting 4 – 8 months before GATE exam: In the first 2 months, do a combination of theory and practice questions. Focus month 3 on taking tests. The remaining months should be spent on taking tests and refining your strengths and weaknesses.

» Starting 2 – 4 months before GATE exam: Only focus on the theory of important topics and practice as many questions as possible in the first month. The remaining time should be spent on building on these strengths and taking 2-3 new topics every week from the other untouched areas.

» Starting less than 2 months before GATE exam: Your focus has to be on solving GATE type questions accurately. Whenever you are unable to solve the questions, refer to the relevant theory and make notes.

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