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What Courses should I take in College?

Actuarial Science subjects covers concepts of Mathematics, Statistics ,Accountancy , Economics, and Business Studies. Courses , the curriculum of which covers either or all these subjects should be taken.Many colleges have also started offering Actuarial Science degrees, Such as BSc or Msc in Actuarial Science; the curriculum of which covers concepts of CT series Subjects

What is the best way to prepare for an exam ?

Each subject requires around 100 hours of study time. Student should plan his /her study time over a period of 3-4 months and more impartantly do regular studies . It is important to practice past exam questions under exam conditions to develop the examination temperament.

How do companies support employees who are taking Actuarial examinations?

Most of the employers have an acturial development program under which encourage acturial students to develop further in their acturial profession by offering incentives such as study days, lump sum or salary hikes on clearing acturial exams.

How do potential acturies decide in which domain to work; life, general , health , pensions, investments or risk management?

One would decide considering their personal interest ,scope of growth , and job availability in different segment.

What is outlook of

Actuaries were traditionally employed in either life, general or pensions.But over the past few years other sectors such as health , investments and risk management have opened up where the role of an actuary is increasingly becoming significant. Many multinational companies have set up their off-shored operations in India where they have outsourced many functions of their acturial work. This outsourced sector currntly employs more than 50% of the total acturial stdudents in India.

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